Is There a Better Way to Reach My Patients?

Reaching patientsIs there a better way to reach my patients?

Have you ever wondered if there was a more effective way to reach your patients to get them in for their services- open treatment plans, regular check ups, or next visit.

Often one would simply give them a call  for their next appointment, or maybe an email or a text or even a letter. But how often do you repeat those calls or letters- once? twice? But what if you did it again and again, and again and again? What would happen? The word is, it is repetition in marketing that wins the day. So based on that what if we tried it again and again?

And as a kind of multi-prong approach to reaching those “unreachables”(the ones on your re-care and reactivation lists, or those patients with open treatment plans and monies on account), what if you did all of those things mentioned above- calls, emails, texts, letters, etc. Doing all of them would definitely have more impact and if spaced right would create the optimum effect. The truth is if you do them all your marketing will be more effective and it will bring more business in the door.

Having a constant contact service such as Demand Force or Patient Activator, in addition to your personal follow up calls, emails and texts, plus personal letters, and add to that a monthly of quarterly mailing to chase up re-cares or reactivation patients, or just for patients with open treatment plans, keeps you in full communication with you patient base. And believe it or not, allows you to tap a usually unknown source of income- your own patients! They already trust your service and prefer your service to service from someone else’s. By letting them know you are still there and that your care about their health, it is like magic- they come in more often and pay more often for services.

Try it. And do it repetitively.

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